• Educate the General Public about Kava, a Beneficial Ethnobotanical Plant, and jointly promote the safe use of Kava like it has been done by Islanders for 1000s of years.  Please read our Kava Position Paper.
  • Promote the Historical and Cultural Significance of 'Awa (Kava) in Hawaii.
  • The Fresh Harvest Newsletter is devoted to desiminating the latest data and breakthroughs in the Kava Industry to its subscribers.   This information is usually accompanied by promotional pricing on Kava Products.

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A Library of Information About Kava and Home to the Kava Blog
The Kava Library is depository of information about Kava, a botanical plant that has been used by islanders for 1000 of years for a variety of purposes.  It is also home to the Fresh Harvest Newsletter authored by Chris Allen of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava,  a Kava Farm in Hawaii.  Chris is the current president of the Hawaiian Awa Council and a Kava Expert.  Chris  Allen is also a prolific author of Kava Articles and he is one of the main contributors to the Kava Blog.  The purpose of this Library is twofold:

Kava is a botanical plant or supplement that has Psychoactive Properties caused by an ingredient called Kavalactones.  The effects can include euphoria, pain relief, and/or sedation.  The root of the Kava plant are ground into powder and a potent tea is made from the Kava Root Powder. This botanical has been used for thousands of years by the Pacific Islanders without harmful effect as both a social stimulant and as medicine.  To receive the full benefit of this powerful botanical it is recommended  that you drink it on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating.
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