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No Kava is not Physically addictive.  In fact, many Kava users do not use Kava everyday because of its residual effect, you still feel calm the next day.   Anything drug can be Psychologically Addictive and those with addictive personalities should be careful.

Kava Strainers
Strainers are used to filter coarse fibers from your Kava Tea.  Follow these links.
  • Panty Hose (not link needed)
  • Formal Kava Strainers. 
  • Cheese Cloth

Weight Loss
There is no scientific evidence that it does but here is what Kava users tell me.  First off, if you are starting Kava to help cut down on drinking alcohol then that means you are going to consume a lot less calories.  Also, alcohol and other drugs can stimulate your appetite and you eat more.  Kava does not stimulate the  appetite.   Some people will have Kava when they get home and then have a very light meal because they no longer have empty stomachs.  You are supposed to drink lots of water when you use Kava and  that will also help you fill up.

Daytime vs Nighttime Kava
Daytime Kavas have Kavain which gives you a euphoric type effect.   It can be energerizing and you will have full mental clarity to do your chores.  Nighttime Kavas usually have a chemotype that begins with 2 and they have more DHM and DHK Kavactones.  Those types of Kavas are more sedating and I call them Couch Potato Kavas.

Urine Tests.
There is no proof that Kava will give you a negative reading on a Urine tests.  Kava users have told me that there tests have always come out ok but they recommend that you don't drink Kava the night before just to play it safe.

There is always a chance that you have a very sensitive stomach or that you may even be allergic to Kava.   But consider this:
  • Space out your shells every 15-20 minutes and allow the Tea to settle.
  • Make sure your strainer does not have holes in it. Get a finer strainer.
  • Try instant Kava which has no fibers and see if that is better for you.
  • Try drinking Ginger Ale for Nausea and see if this provides any relief.

Shell of Kava
A shell of Kava is about 4oz of liquid Kava Tea.  Per the post above, we recommend you drink a shell every 15-20 minutes until you are happy with the effects.

Acetone Test.
People use the Acetone test to check for specific chemicals in Kava that are not suitable for everyday consumption.  You use 1 part Kava to 3 parts Acetone in a jar.  Let it sit awhile. If it turns Orange than that Kava may have dangerous chemicals in it.  If it is golden yellow, then it is what we call Noble Kava.   ​Chris Allen with GHK tells us that he tests all Kava that he doesn't not grow to make sure it is Noble.   In the section on Kava Testing and Safety, we discuss how you can test your Kava to make sure it was sold as advertised.

The Kava FAQ.

The Kava FAQ's purpose is to answer questions that our viewers have put forth to us.  It is a constant work in progress.  If you have any questions, use the Contact Page to type and email your questions to us.  There is also an excellent source of information at The Kava Forums.    
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