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Kava Review.  Papa Ele Ele Puu Puu Powder by Javaman in March 2014.

First some facts. This Kava has a chemotype of 463251. According to the GHK Web site, the Kavalactones can run from 15 to 20 percent. 

1 17 oz can of Coconut Water.
6 Oz of Water.
.75 cup of Papa Ele Ele Puu Puu
Heat up liquid to about 130 degrees.
Blended it 3 times in my Vitamix.
Dumped into the Strainer.
Another 5 minutes of Kneading (hey, it's already in the strainer so why not)
Yield a 16 oz bottle with some liquid left over.

Add 4 oz of water to the Leftovers.
Squeeze the ever loving life out of it, maybe 4 times. But I literally wring it dry when I knead.
Result was a 7-8 oz. second wash. Perfect. I will review this.

The Kava is light colored, like very light chocolate mik.
The taste is very mellow as well. I put a spoon of Frozen Colada mix in there because that is what Mixologists do. I'm actually sipping it but with no ice. My whole throat is numb and my ears are ringing. That's how my body says, me likey.

This is a very heady Kava for sure. This is going to be a good daytime Kava for me but I'm going to have to be careful with the dosage.  
Kava Review.  Awa Hiwa Powder by Bulabuck on  04/28/2014.

Amount of Kava Used : 12 Tablespoons
Preparation Type : Traditional Soak & Knead
Mixer or water?: Water
Amount: 6 Cups

Taste: 2 - Less mild / more astringent
Euphoric Rank: 3 - Noticeable Effects
Sedative Rank: 3 - Noticeably Sedating
Muscle Relaxing Rank: 4 - Moderate Muscle Relaxation
Anxiolytic (Anti-Anxiety) Rank: 4 - Moderate anxiolytic effect

I gotta say this kava is very differant from all others . Even though its not high in lactones it’s a creeper. It starts with a heady bliss followed by high euphoria and then followed ny muscle relaxation.  I get a warm fuzz in the eyes and vision with an added mental focus. I am not sure but maybe it’s the strain or the way Chris grows all his kava but you would think u could judge it by the Kavalactone content but that is not so . If u don’t believe me try the Mapulehu. Tthe taste is mild compared to the Kavas from Vanuatu.This kava is like a brain massage, followed by a hot tub after a good workout . Its very nice.
Kava Review.  Kumakua Kava by Bulabuck on 04/22/2014.

Amount of Kava Used : 10 Tablespoons

Preparation Type : Traditional Soak & Knead

Kava Prep Details
Soak with water . And a little coconut milk

Mixer or water?: Water
Amount: 5 Cups

Taste: 1 - Very Mild
Euphoric Rank: 3 - Noticeable Effects
Sedative Rank: 2 - Very Weakly Sedating
Muscle Relaxing Rank: 2 - Very Weakly Muscle Relaxing
Anxiolytic (Anti-Anxiety) Rank: 3 - Light anxiolytic eftect

Great straight forward kava . I really enjoyed it sometimes u just need a gentle one and this did the trick for me . 

Kava Review.  Instant Mo'i by Kavadude on  4/14/2014

Amount of Kava Used : 2 Tablespoons

Kava Prep Details

Mixer or water?: Water
Amount: 2 Cups

Taste: 1 - Very Mild
Euphoric Rank: 4 - Strong Effects
Sedative Rank: 2 - Very Weakly Sedating
Muscle Relaxing Rank: 2 - Very Weakly Muscle Relaxing
Anxiolytic (Anti-Anxiety) Rank: 2 - Very mild anxiolytic effect

This one has an interesting texture to it. Very clumpy compared to other instants I've had, but mixes readily with water. Taste is about as inoffensive as it gets.

I drank one tablespoon about as soon as I got it and that put me in a fairly good place. So I drank another and BAM, it actually hit me pretty hard for an instant. And it's lasted for a pretty good amount of time for an instant, about two hours or so. Excellent stuff. I'd guess I could get about 5-6 serves out of this $20 order which is really excellent for an instant. 
Kava Review.  Micronized Honkane Iki by Javaman on 4/12/2014.

The Micronized Awa from GHK is very potent. I have noticed that Micronized is more potent than the instant but yet it is still mellow tasting and easy to mix. I'm also not feeling any grittiness in this batch. I'm doing club soda instead of ginger ale to cut down on the sugar and so I can drink more... Heh, heh, heh.

Mix 1 big old spoon on Honokane Iki Micronized in a bit of water.
1 Tab Frozen Colada Mix, a squeeze of lime, fill with ice, top with cold clear club soda.
Very tasty, yet very light.

Can you hear the the ringing in my ears? That means this is a nice heady Kava. I went back to my chemotype chart and it shows that it has the same chemotype as Papa Ele Ele Puu Puu. This is a good daytime Kava for us guys that use it during the work day.

So heady Kava, not so much body, it does have decent anti-anxiety effects because I feel none right now.

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