Sipping Kava

You will find information on Basic Kava Preparation here but Kava Recipes make the drinking of Kava more enjoyable.  Our motto is "I want to Sip my Kava and enjoy it.  I'm tired of  TWP  (Toss it down, Wash Your mouth, Pray it stays down".  Lol.  Here are some recipes that "help the medicine go down".
Orange, Pineapple, Mango Kava Smoothie

A Nutritious and Relaxing Kava Recipe that is a Smoothie.  A great High Fiber Lunch.

1 Small Orange. No peel. Keep the Seeds.
1 cup of Mango. (about half of a big mango or 1 small mango)
1 cup of Pineapple  or  2 big slices (no core)
1 Tablespoon of Greek Yogurt.
1 cup of water with 2.5 tabs of Micronized from GHK

Put Water and Micronized in the Blender and blend for 10 seconds.
Add the Oranges and blend
Slowly add the Mango, Pineapple and Yogurt and blend.

Yield was about 20 oz. and you can save the lefovers.
High and Low Kava Highball
I can't drink Chocolate Sodas every day so I came up with this everyday Low Calorie Kava Kocktail.  Try this Kava Recipe.

.75 Tabs of MicronizedHonokane Iki Kava (high Kavain)
.75 Tabs of Micronized Mapulehu Kava (low Sedating)
Small bottle of Club Soda
1/2 Lemon or Lime

Add Kava to about 3 oz of club soda and mix it up good.
Add Ice to the Glass.
Squeeze the Lemon/Lime Juice into the Glass.
Slowly Fill with ice cold club soda.
Stir as you drink.

This is a sipping drink and it is very refreshing!
Kava Kool-Aid
This Kava Recipe reminds me of the old Grape Lemon Coolaid I used to drink as a child. The ingredients are inexpensive and the drink is very tasty.

4 oz. of water
2 tablespoons of Concentrated Frozen Grape Juice
3 tabs of Instant Kava
4-6 oz of Ginger Ale (small bottle)
1/2 lime or lemon 

Add the Instant Kava in the water and mix well.
Add 2 tabs Frozen Grape Concentrate and Stir.
Add juice of the lime/lemon
Add Ice
Pour Ginger Ale till to the top.

You can take 6 oz. of Grog,  add the Grape Extract,the lime, and 4/5 ice cubes.  This Kava Recipe tastes better good for Kava tea .
Kava Recipe for Mokka Kava Kaffee (Using Grog)
I love my morning coffee and I love a good iced coffee in the afternoon.  This recipe insures that you will sleep well even if you  have coffee in the afternoon.  A few words of caution.  Use a high Kavain Hawiian Kava, not a sedating one.  Sip it slowly and listen to your body to make sure you can handle the two.  I love the combo but I know people who get Heart Palpitations from caffein so go slow and listen to your body.

About 6 oz. of Kava Tea prepared the Tradicional way (Grog)
Make extra coffee in the morning, about 3 to 4 oz. I used Hawaii Mokka (get it?)
Cocoa Power
Condensed Milk (Tablespoon)
Sugar Syrup (Google it, just water and sugar) and it is Optional

Put the Leftover Coffee in a small Pan with 1 tablespoon of Cocoa Powder and stir
Add one Table Spoon of Condensed Milk 
Heat on low until Mixed and save for the afternoon.

Add  6 oz. of prepared Kava Tea to your Coffee Mix.
Add Sugar Syrup to Taste (the condensed milk is already sweet)
Add Ice and enjoy.

This drink is a very nice pick me up.  I like Kavain Kava and Coffee but sip slowy to make sure you can handle the two.  One of the few times when I can sleep after having coffee in the afternoon.

After weeks of testing different ingredients, we finally came up with one main theme that seems to work.  You want to replace the bitter taste you don’t like (Kava) with a bitter taste that you do like (Lime, Lemon, etc).  The majority of the recipes use Micronized or Instant Kava.   We have to admit that we are totally spoiled on both the convenience, the negligible taste, and the potency of both.  Let me add that these recipes work fine with kava from any vendor selling Noble Kava. Remember, always stir your Kava Kocktail with a spoon because Kava does sink to the bottom.  Also, the word Grog stands for Kava Tea prepared the tradicional way.  Please check out this link for a recipe for Micronized Kava Syrup that can be added to your Kocktails in lieu of instant or micronized Kava.

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