About Kava
About the Kava Plant

Kava is a relative of the pepper plant whose botanical name is Piper Methysticum, which means “intoxicating pepper”.   The intoxicating ingredient in Kava is the Kavalactone.  This ingredient is found primarily in the stump and the root of the Kava Plant.  These parts of the Kava are ground to produce Kava Powder.   This potent psychoactive intoxicant is a supplement that is beneficial in many ways.  I is used to soothe sore muscles, induce calmness and relaxation, and to quiet the mind.  Kava has also been used as a popular sleep aide for centuries.  Kava is nonaddictive and does not interfere with  “mental clarity".    The Web Site at TrueKava.com  has some excellent descriptions of Kava and its uses.

Kava and the Pacific Islanders 

Kava has been a daily staple of the Native Pacific Islanders for 3000 years.   Their time for drinking Kava is equivalent to our “Happy Hour”.  At that time, the Islanders would get together to drink Kava, socialize with their fellow man, and relieve the physical and mental tensions of the  day.  The Islanders drank their Kava out of Coconut Shells which we estimate is about 4 oz a serving.  They  consumed a shell of  Kava in intervals of 15 to 20 minutes.  The Islanders also used Kava for Medicinal purposes including Muscle Pain, Insomnia, Weight Loss Supplement, Menopausal problems, Urinary conditions, and Venereal Disease. 

Modern Day Kava Use

The modern day Kava drinker uses Kava as a supplement to reduce Anxiety, help with Insomnia,  relieve Muscle Pain, and as a social lubricant.  Today, Kava is being used by people for a variety of reasons including Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Work Related Stress,  Anxiety, and Pain Relief.  It is best to drink Kava on an empty stomach to get the best results.  You can also drink it several hours after eating.

A Short Summary about Kava

The Kava
Kava Encyclopedia

​In  2010, a National Science Foundation project in Hawaii assembled a collaboration of Pacific indigenous scientists, Hawaiian cultural practitioners and scientists trained in Western pharmacology. The result was a very thorough book which discusses 'Awa (Kava) in great detail.  This outstanding encyclopedia of Kava information is available for purchase here.     The Kava Library has 
gotten special permission from the authors to make the PDF version available to our readers.