The Kava
Some Suggested Reading
'Awa (Kava) has a rich historical tradition in old Hawaii and is still a part of the culture today. In the book entitled, "Hawaiian 'Awa, Views of an Ethnobotanical Treasure, Kepa Maly wrote, "'Awa was important in may aspects of Hawaiian life.  uses of 'Awa ranged from ceremonial observances and offerings--including ceremonies in the affairs of state--to residential use.  This book was edited by Ed Johnston and Helen Rogers and is an excellent book resource on the subject of 'Awa.   I highly recommend you read this book and we have provided a link to this book right  here.   You may want to download it to your computer once it loads.  The 'Awa development council also has some excellent articles in their library and they  have the 'Awa book divided into 2 parts at this location.
The Hawaiian 'Awa Council
The Hawaiian Awa Council is involved with helping prospective Kava Farmers.  They are also heavily involved with preserving the ancient stands of 'Awa that grow in the forests of Hawaii.  Chris Allen, president of the 'Hawaiian 'Awa Council and owner of  Gourmet Hawaiian Kava,  has let the charge on this project.   Read on to learn more about the efforts to preserve this precious cultural and historical treasure. 
The Kavas of Hawaii
Hawaii kava is known to be "headier" than most.  These are Kavas that can be consumed during the day to provide a mental pick me up but without putting you to sleep.  They are the Safest and most Noble of all kavas.  The ancient islanders selectively bred them in this manner because they preferred the effects to those kavas which provide more sedating effects.  Of course, all kavas serve as a sleep aide at the end of the day and this is my favorite side effect of kava.    As of this writing, the botanists in Hawaii have identified 13 strains of 'Awa that were brought to the Islands in canoes by the original settlers of Hawaii. They do not include any Kavas that are classified as Tudie, they are all Noble Kavas.   This article identifies each strain, list their chemotype and Kavalactone percent, and shows you pictures of these botanical treasure.
'Awa and the Hawaiian Settlers
How did 'Awa come to Hawaii?  If you were playing Jeopardy, the answer would be "How was Hawaii Settled?".   Please read this to learn a little bit of the history Hawaii ....

Hawaiian Kava