The Kava
The Kava Consumer Guide is a buyers guide that lists the vendors, the kavas they sell, and the price of the kava.   Even here at the The Kava Library, we find ourselves accessing the report to select a kava with certain effects and from a particular country.  As we go forward, we will have many reports sorted in different ways and with different criteria.   The first report is sorted by effects and has prices (which are subject to change).  The second report (short version) shows kavas listed by vendor.  We are in the process of sending out requests to the other vendors requesting the same information so we can complete our list.

In our section on the Kavas of the World, we list the different strains of kava and the chemotype.  We think ever kava buyer should know the strain of kava being offered.   If it is not a single strain, then it should be listed as a blend. If it is a blend, then blended with what.  So getting all this information compiled so that buyers can make an educated buying decision is time consuming but well worth the effort.

Kava Consumer Guide
Report Column Definitions

CACTUS           Cactus Kava
BKH                   Bula Kava House
GHK                 Gourmet Hawaiian Kava
KAVATIME        Kava Times
KAVAFIED        Kavafied
KWK                  Kalm with Kava
SQUANCH        Squanch Kava

Name and Strain
The name of the kava doesn’t necessarily tell you what kind of kava you are getting. So we list both the Marketing Name and the Strain. If the strain is a blend, then we will put blend and we hope to list the composition of the various blends at the bottom of the report or on this Web Page. If the vendor was unable to provide us with detail information on strain, then we will post Unknown.

How a kava effects you is a subjective thing and it varies from individual to individual. But here are the codes.
EEuphoric effects or heady effects. A good kava for daytime use or socializing.
HA heavy kava that is best for crashing on the couch and sleeping.
BA balanced kava that may provide some Euphoric effects followed by Heavier effects.

Kavalactone % can be a measure of the potency of the kava. The theory is that the more Kavalactones the more effects you will get. It has been our experience that you cannot judge a kava by the KL% alone because there are so many other components that make up the total effect.  

Chemotype is a predictor of the type of effects you will receive. Chemotypes beginning with 46 may bring euphoric effects while any chemotype starting with 2 is guranteed to be heavy. You can read more about Chemotypes here.

Freight Included (FrtInl)
Does the vendor include freight in his price?  

Kava types are P-Powder M-Micronized I-Instant

Has the kava been tested? T-Tested by True Kava      C-COA    Blank-Not Known

We are still compiling vendor data some of the vendors listed below.
Kava Report -Short Version
Blend Legend.
KWK - Blend (a) - Loa / Pouni / Borongoru
GHK - Blend (b ) - Hiwa / Hanapaki 'Ai / Mahakea
Kava Report Sorted by Effects.
For Stock=Y.