Noble Kava and Kava Types 
Kava is Processed into many Forms 
Noble Kava

One definition of Noble Kava is that is is Kava that has been used by Islanders for thousands of years without ill effect.   How did Kava become noble?   Over these thousands of years the Kava farmers would experiment by selecting the somatic mutations of a plant, taking a cutting, and planting it.  If they didn’t like the effects then they would stop growing it.  Eventually they developed a multitude of cultivars or strains that were too their liking.  These finalists are called the Noble Kava.  It is uncanny how the Islanders were able to weed out the Kavas with dangerous chemotypes and settle on the ones that were most desireable and not harmful to the human body.  In another section of thise library,  we will discuss Wild Kava and Tudie Kava which are not Noble Kava and are thought to contain certain chemicals which may be more harmful than not.  The Kava Library does not recommend Tudie Kava for any use.  The advocates at do not recommend Tudei but insist on Noble or "True Kava".

Edible Parts of the Kava

Kava has been processed for human consumption can take many forms.  The parts of the Kava that are processed are the lateral roots (Waka) and the basal stump (Lawena).   It is said that the lateral roots are richer in Kavain then the stump but it is also true that a combination of Waka and Lawena will give you a more balanced Chemotype.  Below are the different forms of Kava that you can consume.

Kava Root Powder

Kava Root Powder is create by grinding the Kava root/stump into fine particles.  Sometimes you get what is called a medium grind and sometimes you get a fine grind.   The Kava Root Powder is prepared the Traditional way and the way the Islanders prepared it thousands of years ago.  You put the Kava in a cloth strainer, add warm water, and squeeze the Kava to release the Kavalactones. It makes a very potent tea which is sometimes call “Grog”

Instant Kava

Instant Kava is made by dehydrating prepared Kava Tea until all that remains is the pure instant granules.  Perfect for beginners and super convenient. Just put a spoon full of Instant Kava in water or your favorite fruit drink.

Micronized Kava

Some say that Micronized Kava is simply Kava root which has been finely ground.  At the Kava Farms of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava, it goes through a more vigorous process.  During the initial phase of the processing, the Kava is painstakingly filtered to remove all coarse fibers and extraneous plant material (macas). It is then finely ground to the consistency of instant.  Then the Micronized Kava goes through an additional proprietary process which ruptures the Kava cell walls and releases more Kavalactones.   This Kava is convenient like Instant Kava but potent like Kava Powder.

Kava Extract

Kava Extract is made by an extraction process that involves either CO2 or a solvent like Alcohol or Ethanol.  We  do not subscribe to taking any extract that uses a solvent because there is a possibility that the solvent may extract undesireable ingredients from the Kava. This is our opinion and we leave to the reader to contact their vendors and make their own decisions.

Other Kava Products

Kava Candy looks like a sweet tart but is still potent. It is convenience and even has a  sweet taste.   Gelatin caps featured as sleep aids.  Along the same lines, there are also Kava Tinctures   When you buy Kava in capsule or tincture form, then you need to carefully read the list of the ingredients and make sure there is nothing harmful in there.   We have recently see a line of Orange Flavored Kava Soda Pop but we have never tried it.

The Kava