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Vol 5.  September 12, 2014 - Authored by Chris Allen 

The Kava
The Latest Changes at GHK

Since I grow 14 different varieties of kava it is hard to keep them all in stock. I harvest a few strains and those will not be available for a while until the remaining plants mature. I am changing the line up of the kava that I sell. As subscribers to the Fresh Harvest Newsletter, you will always be the first to find out about these changes. 

Here at Gourmet Hawaiian Kava I am always trying to make a better product. I have a reputation for selling Micronized that has been processed a special way to remove the Macas or hard fibers. Keeping with this tradition, I am tuning up my process to make the micronized kava even finer. That means it will be less gritty and just as fine as my instant kava. I am also working on making my instant kava even stronger than it already is. I am experimenting with adding more lateral roots to my formula. This should result in a stronger product and it should make all you kava lovers out there very happy.

New Product Lineup
I will switch over to my new lineup soon and here is what you will see in the future:
    1.   In Medium Grind Powder Kava,  I will have Papa Ele Ele, Nene, Moi, Mahakea, Honokane Iki, Boroguru and           a nice  strong Fijian kava.
    2.   For Micronized Kava, I will have Papa Ele Ele, Nene, Moi, Mahakea and Honokane Iki.
    3.   For Instant Kava, I will have the Papa Ele Ele, Nene and Mahakea.

Future Article
I am preparing for my next newsletter article as we speak. When I read Mike's article at the kava forums about what it takes to get good kava from the South Pacific, I thought it would be good for me to write one explaining how I grow and process the kava. There will be lots of pictures that show the painstaking process of creating high quality kava.

My Thanks
I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you that subscribed to the Fresh Harvest Newsletter. It makes me happy to have the opportunity to provide high quality Kava to the world and show my customers how to drink Noble Kava the way the Islanders did for thousands of years. Thank you very much and a warm aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.


Finer and More Potent Kava
New Kava Processing Techniques at GHK

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