The Kava
Kava Recipe - Antioxidant Intoxicant
Antioxidant Intoxicant

Pomegrante is good for you and Ginger Ale is good for the tummy.

8 oz. of pomegranate juice
1 bottle of Ginger Ale
1/2 lime.
Pomegranate Molasses is optional.

In a cup add 3 oz. of luke warm pomegranate juice.
Add at least 2 tablespoons of good Hawaiian Instant Kava
Stir well to dissolve the Kava.
Now add 3 oz of pomegrante juice to make it 6 oz.
Squeeze Lime into Glass.
Add Ice
Fill with Ginger Ale.

Now find a sunny spot in the patio and listen to the birds sing.

The Pomegrante Molasses is Optional but it is bitter.
This drink with just Ginger Ale and Lime is also sublime.
Substitute Cranberry Juice for Pomegranate.
For Kava Powder, just put a glob of Pomegrante Molasses and Lime Juice into you Grog
Kava Recipe with Pomegrante