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July 4, 2018 
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The kava shortage in the Islands has caused the price of kava to spike worldwide. In order to provide some relief to my loyal customers, I have been doing flash sales on varying types of kava. Today, I am offering a pound of Farm Fresh Mahakea kava powder for 40.00 which is a 26 dollar discount from its price of 66.00. As usual, freight is free which makes it a real bargain. Mahakea is one of our most popular Kavas because it is a well balanced kava and it leans toward sedating properties. This coupon is only good for 2 days, July 4th and July 5th, so take advantage of it while it is on sale. The coupon code for the special is kava library.

I am working on some new and exciting products that I will release in the future so stay tuned. I personally would like to thank my faithful customers for making GHK the number one source for Freshly Harvested Kava in the United States. Thank you for your business.


Thanks Chris, I tested the coupon and it works great. For the uninitiated, here are the instructions for buying the Mahakea and applying the Coupon.

Navigate to the GHK web site with Medium Grind Kava. 4th


Go to
Select the option to Shop for Kava.

Select Mahakea medium Grind.
Now Select 1 pound and the price will show as 66.00.
Add to Cart.
Now View your Cart.
Under Coupon Code, enter kava library.
Under Cart Totals you will see a whopping 26.00 subtracted from your total and shipping is free.

Happy 4th of July!


Gourmet Hawaiian Kava has a two day flash sales to help combat the rising cost of kava.   Please read below.