The Kava
Common Sense Rules for Tudei
Two Categories - Noble and Tudei

There are many types of Kava that grow in the Islands. Dr. Lebot, prominent Kava Scientist, has labeled them accordingly. And with the help of the Commissioners in Vanuatu, they have come up with two major categories, Noble Kava and Tudei (two day) kava. Tudei is labeled as such because it is much heavier than other kavas and can produce a next day hangover, thus the phrase two day. As far as we know, Tudei is not poisonous. We cannot totally attest to its long term effects because the Islanders only consumed it on special occasions. From a Western perspective, Kava is good medicine and even Tudei can be labeled as medicinal. So in this section we will provide as much factual information as we can and as it becomes available. But here are some basic guides for you:

I am the Kavabrarian and I will use myself as an example. In the past, I used alcohol to relax and it got to be habit forming. It’s easy to overdo it when you have a full bottle of tasty red wine in front of you but the hangovers are miserable. This effected my performance the next day and I got tired of it. So now I take Kava during happy hour and I bounce out of bed in the morning with a full head of steam.  

Fact 1.
Many of us (myself included) consume Kava to avoid alcohol and avoid the dreaded alcohol hangover. We are not interested in consuming Tudei because we don’t want to wake up with any kind of hangover. I agree with those who say that a Tudei hangover is not as bad as an alcohol hangover but it can still effect your performance the next day.

Fact 2.
Those of us who avoid Tudei are in favor of Kava testing. From a consumer perspective, we just want to know that our Kava does not contain Tudei or other contaminants because we are trying to avoid next day effects. On the flip side of the coin, those who are looking for Tudei effects can also use Kava Testing to insure they are getting what they requested.

Fact 3.
There are some people who claim that Tudei is good medicine and that it can be used for physical or mental ailments. An argument can be made that this is a better alternative to other pharmaceutical drugs that are more dangerous in the long term. Agreed. (With the caveat that there is no data about the long term effects of Tudei consumption).