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Hi everyone, I was wondering what you folks do when it is kava time? Do just drink kava and watch TV or do you do other things?  Tell me what you like to do when you are relaxed after some Kava.

I will go first. I like to play the piano while I am drinking kava. In the 1980's I got hooked on George Winston, his piano music is just incredible, so much so that I had to teach myself to play the piano.

I started by teaching myself to play some of George's songs.  Since I never had any piano lessons and I do not know how to read music, I had to teach myself to play the piano by ear. It all worked out very well and I can now play a lot of George Winston's piano pieces. As time has progressed, I am now able to create my own piano pieces and the kava just puts me in the mood to create.

I made a video with some pictures of kava plants and I used one of my piano pieces that I wrote. This piece  is called "Someones Dreams". I did this piece when I was in a relaxed mood after drinking some Hanakapi Ai.  It was  spontaneous. There was no practicing at all, this song just came out just as you hear it.  There might be some mistakes since I do not really know what I am doing but I think it sounds nice, I hope you folks enjoy it. Here it is, aloha.

Chris Allen. 06/05/2014
What Do You Do to Relax?

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