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Chris Allen is a Kava farmer and he has researched and studied Kava for over 20 years.  He also has many friends who are researchers in the industry.  This section is devoted to downloading the info from their brains and putting them into print so everyone can take advantage of this untapped reservoir of knowledge.   You can access older article in the Kava Blog Archive.
The Evil Twins - Isa and Iwi - April 2014

A  hot topic in the Kava industry centers around what we call Tudie Kavas.  Tudei is what the Islanders called "Two Day" Kavas.  Their effects can last up to two days and have been know to cause side effects like Nausea.  These are not Noble Kavas and the Islanders were not fond of them either.  The Kava Library does not approve of Tudei Kavas.    In this post, Chris talks about  tudei  Kavas from Papa New Guinea,  the twin sisters, Isa and Iwi.  Read on to find out more about this evil twins ......
The Legend of the Mokihana Kava (A Mythical Kava) - May 2014

So one day an amateur Kava grower was seeking advice from Chris on how to care for his Kava plants.  He wanted a cutting of the legendary “Awa Mokihana”.    This was a legendary Hawaiian Kava purported to have a sweet fragrance and bibilical potency.  Then someone asked Chris, “Please tell use about the Awa Mokihana.”.  So we all gathered around as Chris recited The Legend of Mokihana as follows ....
Age of Plant Versus the Potency - May 2014

A Reseller has posted that he was selling "10 year root" and it was supposed to be more potent because of its age.  The Hawaiian Kava Growing Guides say different so we posed this question to a Kava Farmer who tests his Kava ever year.  Here is what Chris Allen had to say .....
The Old Heritage Stands of Hawaiian 'Awa (Kava) -April 2014

'Awa still grows wild in Hawaii and the Hawaiians consider these great stands of 'Awa to be part  of their history and culture.  Here is a short story about the Wild 'Awa of Hawaii ...
Chris Allen - Kava Hunter - June 2014

Chris Allen's favorite pasttime is hiking the Forests and Valleys of Hawaii in search of a new strain of Kava.  This particular hike proved to be fruitful indeed.  Here is the story ....
Tudei or No Tudei, A Question for all Kava Drinkers - September 2014

This article defines the differences between Tudei and Noble Kava and attempts to give the consumer the facts they need when deciding to consume or avoid a Tudei Kava.  

The Kava Blog

Kava Stories and Information from the Kava Expert Chris Allen
New Kava Processing Techniques at Gourmet Hawaiian Kava - October 2014

​New Kava processing techniques at GHK are yielding finer Micronized and more potent Kava Instant.  Read about the latest developments here.
My Kava Biograpy - November 2014
Chris tells how he was introduced to Kava and how he became a lifelong pursuit.  Read more ...
The Right Dose of Kava - December 2014
What is the right dose of Kava and why is this so?  Read more ....
How I Make Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava is very potent and can provides a good cost to benefits ratio but only if it is processed correctly.  In my experience,  Gourmet Hawaiian Kava has the best Micronized Kava in the industry.  In this article, Chris Allen tells us some of his processing secrets.
Visiting the Nakamals in Vanuatu - January 14 2015
Our good friends at the Kava Society in New Zealand consume and sell Farm Fresh Noble Hawaiian Kava.  They recently visited the Nakamals in Vanuatu and wrote an enthralling story about their adventures.
True Kava Testing Laboratory - February 2 2015
True Kava is an organization that promotes the safe and responsible consumption of kava like it was done by the Islanders for 1000s of years. They have a kava testing lab and regularly post their kava testing results to help consumers make wise and safe choices. Here is an excellent article by Garry at True Kava  about kava testing.  The Kava Library has also posted a companion article to help you read the  True Kava test results.

Is Kava a Legal High - February 4, 2015
We know it is legal,  but  there is so much more to kava.  Read more ....