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The Legend of Mokihana
The legend of the Mokihana goes like this--- There is this kava that is talked about in Hawaiian lore and it tells of this unique and potent kava.  Unlike all the other kava, it has many hair like roots.   Most kava plants have the main lateral roots and very few hair like roots.  These hair like roots are saturated with Kavalactones and they make the most potent drink. That part is not legend. I have tried it with Mapulehu and all I can say is WOW, too bad there are only a few of these hair like roots on a typical 'Awa plant. 

In Hawaii, Mokihana is a native citrus that grows only on the Island of Kauai.  It is prized for the scent that is given off by both berries, the twigs, and the leaves.  They make lei's out of these and scent the Tapa with it, it really smells good. Well the kava Mokihana is said to have roots that smell like the Mokihana berry and was thus  given the name Mokihana.

So with a beautiful fragrance combined with a large quantity of potent hair like lateral roots, then you  have a true Gourmet Hawaiian Kava.  I wish I had one of these plants but as I have said, it is only in the books and in legend.  So far there is no Kava that has been found that resembles this Mokihana 'Awa in Hawaiian legend. ... But I am still looking. 

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