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Chris Allen.  06/08/2014
Kava Shortage in Pentecost

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I asked my friend in Vanuatu about the Kava Shortage in Pentecost and he said this----

"This is written by idiots that own kava bars and "would be exporters" in  Port Vila. For decades they have been ripping the farmers off on Pentecost and Malekula Islands. They pay low prices, if in deed they pay the farmers at all.  They have planted the seeds and are now reaping the harvest of abusing the farmers who live in isolated regions of Vanuatu.  The reason they are saying that there is a shortage of kava in the islands is because they are not prepared to pay a fair price and the farmers now have alternatives.  The stories on that web site about kava are an effort to rid themselves of competition so they can go back to ripping off the farmers."

I just finished buying some Freshly Harvested Boroguru from the aforementioned friend who I have known for 15 years.  He says that he only buys green fresh kava and he pays high prices to insure that he has a  steady supply of the best green kava.  He does not rip off the farmers and they show their gratitude by selling him their best green kava.  He has the largest and best equipped processing plant in Pentecost and he supplies the largest amount of kava from Vanuatu.   

I am reselling his Boroguru because some of our customers asked us if we could sell some to supplement their diet of Hawaiian Kava.  This Boroguru came from Vansasa in Pentecost Island. They are known to have some of the best Boroguru.   This Boroguru is very potent and the taste is not bad (for Boroguru).  lol.